Another look at the ‘E’


February 11, 2014 by Kenneth Bon

Engine of the 912E

Engine of the 912E

Today I went to have another look – the 2nd – on the ‘E’.

Together with some family we managed to get the engine running be ‘kick-boosting’ the battery (which has now been brought home to properly being reloaded).

We also took out one headlight, as I need to replace the beams with EU-approved beams (with correct parking/positioning light and asymmetric light pattern).

I also consider replacing the colored rings around the headlights with the original chrome rings (this would be nice to do with the mirrors as well, but it would need both filling, welding and painting of the entire door/car….)

One cabin light was broken – as well as the four gas struts holding the hood and the engine lid – so if nothing more major than this turns up, I’ll be very pleased 🙂


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