Big status update


June 21, 2014 by Kenneth Bon

Quite many things has happened in the last month or two.

Things done:

  • 3-point seat belt mounted on rear seat
  • Child seat/cushion bought and installed
  • Car polished and shined up by
  • Door opener from inside fixed (passenger side) – was jammed
  • Decide to abandon project “Door easier to close in drivers side” – I’ll live with it, as one of the bolts are almost completely broken and unable to get out
  • Radio removed and trim cover plate has been mounted
  • Fixed seat rollover-function (to be able to get to backseat) – was jammed
  • Mechanic removed anti-smog pump, changed plugs, V-belt and valve cover gaskets
  • Panel beater managed to burnish the trunk lid lock mechanism so the trunk lid now aligns in both sides
  • Inspected the clock – it’s a worn out gear to drive the needles. Seems very difficult to have fixed. I’m currently considering buying a new used clock
  • Changed the “Fasten belts/Brake” module, but the new used one doesn’t seem to work. Got my old one to work but only on “Brake”. It turns out I’m missing a seat belt relay that should make a buzzer alarm when belts are not fastened. But will this also solve the issue with no light in the “Fasten belts”? I’m looking into buying a new used relay

New things arisen:

  • Speedometer needle is jumping and dancing like crazy. It also rests on just below 30 mph even when I’m in a full stop mode. Still trying to find out how to proceed with this as it’s said not to be driven by a cable but via an electronic device
  • Dashboard light for high beam doesn’t glow. Strangely enough the bulb works, the connection works and everything seems okay, I just cannot see the blue light. Wonder if it’s dirt. Tried to remove with some ugly stuff – with no effect
  • One of the horns is broken off (the low one). Already ordered a new used one to replace it

Status quo:

  • A/C still running – but I found out it costs more than $1 per gram to re-fill the freon (and it could take around 750 grams at highest…)


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