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  1. Nigel Tebbutt says:

    I found your website whilst researching the idea of buy a E-Type Jaguar from Denmark, as the prices seem more favorably than the UK and within my budget!
    I wonder if you could advise me of any pitfalls of going this route, would I have any problems with exporting from Denmark and possibly driving back to UK, many thanks for any information you can provide.

    • Kenneth Bon says:

      Hi Nigel

      I don’t think importing a car from Denmark to UK would cause a lot of trouble.

      When the car passes 35 years of age, it should be plain and simple to export it from Denmark.

      The seller just have to unmount the plates and deliver them back to the Danish tax association and then you’re free to put you test plates on the car and drive it home.

      You should however be aware that there may be some UK rules to comply with when importing an old car.

      Enjoy the travel.


  2. Derek Hornor says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    I’m researching importing a classic vehicle (1977) from Denmark to the US, so basically the opposite of what you have been doing with the two classics you have up on this site.

    Interestingly I myself come from that classic car heaven-on-earth known as Arizona, I had a rust free, stock 1972 Mustang Mach1 when I was 20!

    I now live in Herning and found a truck here in DK which will sell for twice its danish asking price in the US.

    Just wondering if you have any idea of costs or problems exporting a vehicle.


  3. PJ Roberg says:

    Very informative article Kenneth. I am looking to bring my ’71 Bronco and ’64 Corvette to Denmark. The Bronco is in California and the Corvette is on the East coast. I’m hoping that Karina can help with all the logistics.

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