Goodbye yellow E – car sold


April 17, 2015 by Kenneth Bon


This week I sold my yellow E to Frank from Holland (it’s his son on the picture).

I’m sure he’ll take good care of her, and I’ll certainly be missing her!

I’ll now go look for a newer classic car with a less amount of smaller issues and a little more power.

This blog might be updated and continued, when I obtain ownership of a new classic Porsche 🙂


2015-04-17 13.01.08


  1. Christian says:


    That was a great price for a nice original 912E – the buyer should be very happy with the deal!

    Christian #1370

    • Kenneth Bon says:

      Hi Christian.

      Thanks. I haven’t however disclosed the final price, but when both the buyer and seller is satisfied, it’s all good 🙂


      • christian says:

        I know what you asked and if you did not get more than that it was a good deal for the buyer ………and for you since you want something else.

        If you are considering 90s or 80s cars I will happily give advise unless it is a Boxster or 996 you are looking at – I dont know much about those.

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