New classic car bought!


April 28, 2016 by Kenneth Bon

After spending a lot of time looking for different models, I finally bought a car – in England.

I’ve asked you visitors which car to go for – and here is the result of your votes:


I’ve bought…. a Datsun 240Z from 1973! Don’t say I don’t listen 🙂

The car is still in England, where seller is swapping the 4 speed gearbox to a 5 speed gearbox which is far more solid and without whining gears.

As soon as this is ready, the car will be shipped to Denmark, where it will attain a mechanical inspection.

After that it will have to go through a Danish MOT – and then again I will have to wait 3-8 weeks until SKAT in Denmark decides how much I need to pay in registration fee (which should end up around 16-18.000 DKK).

I want to say a BIG thank you to Anders Bilidt, who helped my inspect the car with a very thorugh description and report – together with more than 150 photos of the car. In the end his valuable input helped me made my decision and reach an agreement with the seller.

Anders is also available to inspect a car for you. He is a pure classic car specialist with an incredible amount of knowledge on classic cars. He is located in England but travels all around the world to inspect cars. You can contact him on

I have also updated some of the other pages on this site – e.g. the to-do-list.

Datsun 240Z Datsun 240Z Datsun 240Z Datsun 240Z Datsun 240Z

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  1. 02Anders says:

    Hi Kenneth,

    It was a pleasure to help you with the inspection, and I’m really happy that you felt my report, pictures and input was of use to you.
    I’m sure you and your 240Z will have a fabulous summer together once she’s fully road registered in Denmark… 🙂

    All the best,

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