On closer inspection….


June 4, 2015 by Kenneth Bon

When I bought the Porsche, I suspected a few things to pop up.

When I bought this Mini, I suspected ‘the worst’ to show up; it’s a Mini after all 🙂

Well well – things did show up. Not anything that isn’t common for a Mini but still some issues to clear (rust will be fixed in the spring – nothing serious, shock absorbers, head gasket, gear shift to be sharpened, choker cable, speedo cable, odometer cable, numerous bushes and more…).

I’ll also update the ignition to an electronic ignition and maybe add an Accuspark Blackbox to be able to time it to fit my tuned engine and sharp camshaft.

The cam also needs to have it’s timing fixed. The engine requires just some extra to get it properly running (and lasting!) 🙂

And I’m pretty sure more things will show up!


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