Porsche 912E for sale & winter storage


October 11, 2014 by Kenneth Bon

I have decided to put up my Porsche 912E for sale when spring comes in 2015.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me, why I want to sell it after I’ve spend months of time finding the right one in such a nice condition and bringing it to Denmark.

There are two main reasons that I’m selling it:

1. I don’t have the time or the skills to fix the small issues that has arisen. Several time I’ve felt that even when I sorted out one of the small issues, I actually felt more stressed and unhappy that I didn’t have the time and knowledge to fix the rest. Maybe I’m a perfectionist, but I’ve found out during  my first time Porsche ownership, that I need to go for a newer one, a more modern car that more people can help me with.

earth2. I’m surprised about myself, but I’m actually looking for a car with more power. The E is magnificent in turns – really – it handles extremely well, but it does (of course) lack power on the straights. I do have another model and car in my mind, but I won’t reveal that yet 🙂
Before I’m putting it up for sale, it will go into winter storage from tomorrow and until late March, 2015.


  1. Peder krause says:

    Hejsa , jeg kan forstå på ovennævnte artikel at du vil sælge din 912’er til foråret ,jeg kunne muligvis godt være interesseret i at købe den , hva ville du evt sælge den for og har du betalt dk afgift?
    Mvh peder

  2. Kenneth Bon says:

    Hej Peder.

    Tak for din forespørgsel. Jeg sender dig lige en mail med informationer.


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