Struggling in the summer


August 16, 2015 by Kenneth Bon

Oh boy. What should have been a summer full of joyful rides has turned out to be quite challeging.

After the last visit to the doctor, I had a few rides in the Mini. I then decided two things:

received_101535303155778881. I wanted the camshaft to be changed from the current 286 to a milder one

2. I was tired of the big wheels that did absolutely nothing good for the car on normal roads and wanted to switch to smaller ones.

I had the camshaft switched to a 255 – that’s nice!

I put my 7*13 wheels up for sale, as I had seen a good offer for some 6*12 all white wheels at

20150811_200500The same day I sold my wheels, I ordered the new ones. I was told next day that my wheels were shipped and two days later the money was withdrawn from my account.

After a week I hadn’t received any wheels, so I wrote to Huddersfield Spares ( They told me it was an error that I received the ‘shipped’ information, as they was out of stock for the next 3 weeks!

20150816_181745I was quite upset and demanded my money back, which I finally got. I borrowed some very old tyres from my chief mechanic – just to be able to drive a little around.

Guess what happened. Just before my first ride, I found out I had a punctured tyre!

A very friendly soul from the Danish Mini community offered me to borrow a set of spare 4,5*12 – thanks Niels Pauli Juncher!

So no20150816_181721w I continue to look for some all white 6*12 while running on the 4,5’s.

I managed to get rid of all my electrical issues and I also had the hood sound isolated (now my Mini has a deep Ferrari a like sound :)) License plate is also perfectly attached now, and I found some paint in the right red color, though I still haven’t fix painted the small spots yet.

Some rusty window rail support needs to be changed, as the window in the right hand side makes a rattling noise and doesn’t slide well.

We are also not completely convinced that the wishbone bushings in front are all well – but that may also be the wheels.

Finally (although it is never finally with a Mini…) we plan to change the carburettor needle as I am not going anywhere near 8-10 km per liter gasoline, which is not good enough.


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