Things fixed and more things showing up


July 5, 2014 by Kenneth Bon

It has been a rough start in my Porsche ownership.

Everytime I seem to fix a thing, a new problem arises.
I took out my tachometer to clean the blue high beam indicator lens. I think it has become a bit brighter now, so I’ll leave it that way, as it is a problem with almost all old Porsches.

I also replaced the broken horn with a new one, and it works fine (although the sound is now even more strange than before, but that is the designers work, not mine!).

The speedometer needle issue was luckily enough just a matter of af ground wire that jumped out of place, phew!

I ordered a used seat belt relay and installed it, and voila, now the indicator for ‘Fasten belts” lamp works.

Unfortunately, the buzzer is constantly on, no matter if the seat belt is buckled or not, which is bad, so I had to remove the relay again. I know have to locate why it keeps buzzing.

2014-06-24 13.58.54 (Medium)A problem with the Brake indicator has now arisen. It’s constantly on. We’ve checked both the brake light switch and the hand brake switch, but even with these switches turned off – the indiator lights up! Seems it’s another ground issue somewhere else in the car – possibly also causing the buzzer problem.

So… there is enough to attend to….luckily there is only very minor issues left.


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