Welcome to my site
– it’s all about classic cars

You’ve probably ended up here because you either have a passion for classic cars and/or are a curious individual – and both are fine 🙂

On this page I’ll try to keep you updated on what’s happening with the classic cars, I’ve owned.

I have also written an article about importing a car from the US.


Porsche 944Thanks to the following peope, who assisted me in my search for my Porsche 944:

Leander Esben Vinmans
Claus Hagstrøm
Carsten Rasmussen


Thanks tDatsun 240Zo the following people, without whose knowledge, I would have struggled to finalize my decision on buying my 240Z:

Sean Dezart
Anders Bilidt
Carsten Rasmussen



2015-05-23 12.46.38 (Medium)Thanks to the following people, who helped me in all sorts of way with my Mini:

Susanne Rasmussen
Jacob Rasmussen
Carsten Rasmussen (Jelshøj)



912eThanks to the following people, who helped me in my quest for a 912E:

Nicolaj Ebbesen
Per L. Christensen
John Barone
Michael Bugler
Carlos Ducos
Brett Johnson


Sorry if I forgot someone over the years 🙂

Have a nice ‘tour’.

Best wishes,


  1. Aage Nielsen says:

    I will be happy to follow “The E” !

  2. Inge Søgaard says:

    Vi følger spændt Porschen.

    Benny og Inge

  3. Jesper says:

    Glæder mig til at cruise rundt i Hørning i den 🙂

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